About us

afalyca-teachersEstablished in 2007 with support from Arte Moris Art School in Dili, Afalyca Community Arts Centre became an independent community arts organisation in 2010. Afalyca has helped improve the social stability in Baucau through classes in painting, music and traditional dance for young people in Baucau.

Afalyca is located in Vila Antiga, a small compound in the city of Baucau. For many years this area has been infamous for street clashes in which rivaling groups have often tried to settle disputes violently. In May 2008,when leaders of local fighting factions got together to negotiate a peace agreement, Afalyca Art played a key role in initiating and mediating between groups that had not communicated peacefully before. Since 2007, Afalyca have exhibited three times in Australia and have also taken part in the China (Macau) Arts and Culture Festival 2010. Afalyca Community Arts Centre receives no on-going funding instead relying on income generated by commissioned work, art sales and fundraising. Afalyca welcomes interest from funding bodies to support the organisation and our specific projects.